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15 Seconds of Fame delivers your video moments from live events directly to your smartphone. We capture your moments, like if you're on the Jumbotron, so now you can share, save, and re-play your fame!

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15SOF processes footage from the events you attend, and matches you to your most memorable moments. We'll send your videos directly to your 15SOF account!

About 15SOF

Like us, you love attending sporting events, concerts, and maybe even an occasional parade. You might hold up a sign outside a morning show that says "Happy Birthday Dad" or "Get well Nana." You pucker up for the Kiss Cam, stand up for every kickoff, and get excited when a friend sends a text saying, "I think I just saw you on TV!"

But you only have memories of these moments and no way to memorialize them...until now! Now it's possible to capture, share, and save your 15 seconds of fame.

Just sign-up, take a selfie, and get your fame.

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